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Luxury Villas In Zante To Rent Travel Guide
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Best Places To Stay In Greece: Zante (Zakynthos) Holiday Guide

      Welcome to the No.1 website for renting luxury villas in Zante. Zante or Zakynthos is a tale of two halves. To the south and east you can enjoy nightlife to rival Ibiza whilst the opposite side of the island to the west, is a serene coastal hideaway.

     Whichever side of Zante you choose, you'll always experience a beautiful isle, resplendent in natural beauty and stunning coastline.

     Zakynthos, Greece's third largest island, is also known by its Italian name, Zante. Zante spent over 300 years under Venetian rule and its dual Italian - Greek heritage is present on every corner.

     Zante means amazing and lovely - a name given easily by the Venetians to an isle which left them bewitched by its natural beauty. Zakynthos' white chalks cliffs are bordered by soft white sands and sapphire-blue seas. Inland, Zanthe's rolling hills are cloaked in magnificent fragrant blankets of olive groves, bougainvillea, citrus trees and pine trees.

      Read on for the best things to do, places to stay, restaurants, nightclubs and more for a Greek holiday to remember.

     I look forward to helping you choose the best luxury villa in Zante for your family holiday.

All the best,

John Paul Donnelly

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Why choose Zante?

      This good-looking isle has something for every traveller with plenty of stunning luxury villas to accompany its magnificent terrain.

     The vibrant resort of Lagonas is the place of pilgrimage for pumped clubbers, ready to party by night and rejuvenate on the beach by day. For families and those who want night-time fun turned down just a little, Tsilivi and Argassi are the perfect blend of traditional beach resort with beautiful coastline, karoke bars, tavernas, watersports and pubs.

      For pretty bays and sea caves, Alykanas, Kalamaki and Vassilikos are peaceful coastal towns where you can while away the days with the sea lapping at your feet or explore this stunning isle at your leisure.

      For things to do there are endless picturesque beaches to enjoy as well as hiking, boat tours, caving, diving and lots more. Loggerhead turtles are native to Zante so be sure to book a visit to their favourite nesting grounds along the coast.

      For culture, head into the friendly traditional stone villages in the hills, to Zante Town for shopping and alfresco dining by the harbour or out to some of the many historical sights scattered across the island.

     From Byzantine churches to Venetian architecture, museums filled with Ancient Greek history, world-class archaeological sites, Venetian castle ruins, shipwrecks and more, there's an endless collection of fascinating history to uncover here.

     With fresh local food and wine to punctuate each day, however you choose to spend your time in Zakynthos, you're guaranteed to leave refreshed and ready to return for more.

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Best things to do in Zante

      Byzantine, Ancient Greek, Renaissance, Venetian and Ottoman history accompanied by picturesque rural landscapes and a huge array of outdoor activities mean when you can tear yourself away from the beach, there's lots more to do and see in Zante. Here's our top picks of the best things to do in Zakynthos.

Best things to do in Zante:

Best beaches:

      There are stunning beaches of every kind in Zakynthos so it's easy to find a beach and when you do it's likely to be sublime. Whether you want a quiet spot of unspoilt coastline to enjoy on your own or a long stretch of soft white sand with excellent facilities and plenty of watersports, you'll happen across it with ease.

     Here's our favourites from Zante's best beaches.

Navagio Beach

     Navagio Beach is without a doubt, one of the finest beaches in Zakynthos. Its high white curve of cliff filled with a slash of white sand and a strip of aqua-blue sea, looks almost too good to be true. With a shipwreck part-hidden in the sand, it's no surprise Navagio is one of the most photographed beaches in Greece.

     It is though, a small cove surrounded by dramatic cliffs so you'll need to take a boat to reach it meaning it's usually a stop-off on a boat tour for adults rather than a destination for the family.

Gerakas Beach

     Instead, for families, Gerakas Beach is a memorable experience. Gerakas' long shoreline is a favourite with loggerhead turtles so there are areas marked off in sand because they're places where turtles nest. The beach has a rescue centre and wildlife area where you can learn more about the turtles plus tavernas and bars close by.

Tsilivi Beach's

      Tsilivi Beach's shallow waters, many activities and neighbouring water park are another favourite for families and groups. Walk up to the headland for beautiful sunsets as evening approaches.

Porto Limnionas Beach

     Porto Limnionas Beach is another unique spot for adults. This rocky cove features transparent deep waters, sea caves and terraces with views over the water. If you don't mind the rocks and love to swim and snorkel this is a lovely alternative to more traditional sandy shores.

Agios Nikolaos

      For a pretty beach with a buzz, Agios Nikolaos is beautiful setting with bars, beach clubs and restaurants along the shore plus one of the island's best range of watersports.

Banana Beach

     The best all-rounder has to be Banana Beach. You'll find plenty of space to recline on a sun lounger, when you get hungry, take a short stroll to a contemporary beachfront restaurant for lunch by the water's edge – perfect for families, couples and groups.

Best local attractions:

      One of the biggest attractions on the Zakynthos are its loggerhead turtles. For the best experience, head to Marathonisi in Laganas Bay, also affectionately known as Turtle Island.

      This protected islet just off the shore, is a favoured hatching ground for loggerhead turtles, the world's largest hard-shell turtle.


     Part of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, Marathonisi remains uninhabited and its beach can only be used for a short time so it remains clear turtles to travel into its sands and lay their eggs. Boat cruises in glass-bottomed boats are one of the best ways to spot the turtles on their travels, you may also see a monk seal or two which also inhabit these waters.

Blue Caves of Volimes

      On water, make a date to explore the limestone sea caves at the Blue Caves of Volimes. On arrival by boat, you can float though majestic sea caves with stunning tunnels of formations overhead and your complexion paled and blue from the caves' bright blue waters which reflect the sun above and vibrant blue water below.

Keri Caves

     Another magnificent sea cave can be found beneath the 300m cliffs that top the Keri Caves. These caves have waters that run over 20 metres in some areas and are a popular place to swim for fascinating underwater exploration.

Byzantine Museum

     There are many magnificent historic monasteries and churches from Zante's rich heritage scattered across the island, a number of which are Byzantine. For a full review of Zakynthos' Byzantine past, visit the Byzantine Museum.

     Inside, you'll uncover all sorts of stunning Byzantine Art displayed on the island between the 15th to 17th century when it was under Ottoman rule. Housed in a resplendent mansion by the sea, you'll see everything from frescoes to paintings, wood carvings, artefacts and more, all with a religious theme.

Aristeon Olive Press and Museum

      Another fascinating Zakynthos museum is the Aristeon Olive Press and Museum. Chart the history of this family business, through the evolution of oil pressing from 1850 to today. Then taste fresh olive oil from its presses in the family village.

     With the opportunity to buy artisan Zakynthos olive oil, said to be some of the finest olive oil in Greece, this is a brilliant chance to see how an island cottage industry has grown into a global business whilst getting your hands on gorgeous products made from organic olive oil.

Askos Stone Park

     For the family, Askos Stone Park has plenty to keep everyone entertained. Part zoo, nature reserve and archaeological site, there's something for everyone.

     You'll discover all sorts of animals to see and feed, including rabbits, goats, ponies and raccoons. There are also farm activities to get involved in, over 150,000 plants, flowers and trees to view, plus all sorts of ancient stone structures and buildings from the past.

Best restaurants:

     Like most of the Greek isles, food in Zante is fresh, local and delicious. Food is served up in family-run tavernas as well as some restaurants, usually with wonderful views out to sea. At night, tavernas often get particularly entertaining with live music and Greek dancing.

     Favourite dishes you'll happen across often include: handmade pasta, stews, meat dishes, fish, meze, fresh salad, moussaka and handmade kebabs (souvlaki). Meals are tasty and served with local wine. It's always easy to find international fare as an alternative, if you choose.

Top Zakynthos restaurants include

     Top Zakynthos restaurants include: Votsolo, Avil, Porto Limnionas Tavern, Varkarola, Al Nur, San Leon Tavern, Prosilio Restaurant, Ole Ole and Paradosiako Alykes.

Best places to stay in Zante, Greece

     Enjoy a superb selection of luxury villas for rent in Zakynthos with spectacular views across this beautiful isle.

     Whether you want a sumptuous villa for rent in the hills or a beautiful beachfront villa by the water, you'll find a fantastic choice of luxury villas for rent with private pools, top facilities and stunning surroundings. With beautiful holiday villas available for families, couples and groups, it's easy to find the perfect accommodation to suit your needs.

     Browse our top picks of the best places to stay in Zante today.

Discover more top luxury villas in Zante for rent or call us to discuss the best holiday villas in Greece to suit you and your family

Zante, Greek Holidays: Why go?

Find out more about the top local attractions in Zakynthos:

Best airport for travel to Zante:

     The best airports for Zakynthos is Zakynthos International Airport.

When is the best time to visit Zante?

     Though winter in Zante doesn't really get going until the latter months of the year, the best times to visit Zakynthos are between June and September when temperatures have settled to between 24 and 28°C.

     If you do want to visit outside peak season, October and May see temperatures of around 19°C and less crowds. However it may be a little cool for the beach and you might see a little rain in October.

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